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We only accept cats that are spayed or neutered and have a veterinary certificate of current vaccinations. Please note: Our minimum reservation is 3 nights.

Business Hours We are open 7 days a week for your convenience.

Our hours are:
Monday: 9-11am and 4-6pm
Tuesday: 9am
Wednesday - Friday: 9-11am (drop offs & pick ups)
Saturdays & Sundays : 9-11 am (only)

please note* other times may be available by appointment only, with advance notice.

If it is absolutely necessary to come during our off hours PLEASE call ahead of time to make an appointment so that we can make alternate plans for care giving (NO exceptions on Saturdays & Sundays due to family time - thank you!).

Whiskers Inn asks their NEW clients to please arrive at least a half hour before the posted closing times to allow enough time for paper work and the proper settling in of their cat(s). While we do strive to be at our facility during these times posted, it is sometimes necessary to pick up or deliver our guest's at these times. Therefore we do recommend calling ahead before you set out to visit us IF we are not expecting you. The only days that we do not accept arrivals or departures are Easter Sunday, Canada Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve (9 - 11 only), Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve (9 - 11 am only), and New Years Day. We still give your cat the same amount of care and attention on the days that we are "closed" as we do every other day of the year. We at Whiskers Inn base our charges in the same way as most hotels and inns do. You may bring your cat during either the morning or afternoon times posted above. However, check out time for each day is by 11:00 am. Please remember, if you pick up your cat during the afternoon hours, you will be charged for that day.

Whiskers Inn Boarding Fees

All prices are inclusive and include food (from our house brands), food bowls, bedding, litter, litter pans & plenty of purr-sonal attention. Grooming is provided free of charge ONLY if the guest enjoys it. We use a disinfectant and anti-fungal cleaner on all brushes and combs between guests. We at Whiskers Inn pride ourselves on being as stress free as possible..........if your cat does not enjoy being groomed we would be happy to bring them to your personal groomer for a small travel time fee.

"Standard" suite (4'w x 3'L x 3 1/2'h & 4'x 4' private balcony)
1 cat..........................$11.50 per day

"Standard" suite ( 4'w x 3'L x 3 1/2'h & 4'x 4' private balcony)
2 cats........................$19.50 per day

"5 level condo" (4'w x 3'L x 7'h & 4' x 4' x 8'h three level private balcony)
2 cats......$21.50 per day

"5 level condo" (4'w x 3'L x 7'h & 4' x 4' x 8'h three level private balcony)
3 cats........................$29.50 per day

Have more than three cats? We also have multi level family rooms (6' x 6' x 7'h plus 4' x 6' private three level balcony) that includes an extra large play structure & their own TV.!. Prices for these rooms depend on the number of cats and are available upon request. All private balconies are 100% safe. We use 1" x 1" welded wire on all of our balconies as well as a 24 hour locked safety walk way that gives us double security. The balconies are made with only natural cedar or pine (no stain, paint or weather proofing) and are fully covered for protection from the elements. Of course we will only allow your cat (s) to enjoy the balconies if you approve!!! 13% HST is added to all boarding fees. We accept payment by cash or personal cheque ONLY (cheque's made payable to Tanya Crichton) . We do NOT accept credit cards or debit as this would drive up our prices. If you are boarding for more than three weeks we require 50% of the projected boarding bill to be paid when you arrive. If your cat(s) stays for more than 21 days there will be a 10% discount applied upon departure. Over 60 days you will receive a 15% discount, again applied upon departure. *We reserve the right to ask for a deposit in special instances or for shorter stays if you have more than one cat. *If your cats are boarded together and we see any signs of aggression, your cats will be separated and you will be charged for separate boarding.


We require a copy (veterinarian vaccination certificate) of your cats most current vaccination records when you bring your cat for boarding. This includes a current rabies vaccination (1 to 3 year) and Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus & Panleukopenia (FVRCP) within the last twelve months for younger cats. Older cats (10 - 12 years +) may not need these inoculations as frequently due to increased immunity. We base our requirements on your veterinarians recommendations. In these circumstances we require that your cat has an annual check up every year. Feline Leukemia vaccination is highly recommended, and the cats owner assumes all risk to his cat(s) if the cat(s) are not vaccinated against this or any other potentially deadly disease. Please have your vaccinations done at least one week prior to boarding as there may be reactions. Can't find your records? Most veterinarians don't mind producing a copy for you. *For the safety of all of our guests, Whiskers Inn reserves the right to isolate any cat(s) that have evidence of fleas or disease until all symptoms are gone and no longer transmittable.

Veterinary Services

We maintain relationships with several veterinary hospitals (three of which are less than 10 minutes away) so that we are always assured of emergency care whenever it is required. In the unlikely event that your cat needs these services, we will do whatever is necessary (unless specifically instructed otherwise) to make sure your cat is looked after properly. Any veterinary services will be added to the boarding bill exactly as they are billed to us. We only charge a fee of $25.00 to transport your cat to the clinic. *If your cat (s) become ill and require medications to be administered an additional charge of $2.00 to $4.00 per day will be applied to the boarding invoice.


Any of our house brands are included with our boarding rates (with the exception of prescription). At Whiskers Inn we proudly serve Science Diet & Iams (dry) & Fancy Feast (wet) & Temptations Treats (the most popular!!!) ofr treats! If you prefer you may also bring your own special food or treats at no extra charge. Please let us know your cats preference when you make your reservation with us so that we can make sure that we have it for your cats arrival. If you have two cats that are on different diets due to health or medication issues, and it is imperative that they do not eat each others food, than they need to be roomed separately.


We would be happy to administer medication to your cat while they stay with us. Please bring written instruction when you bring your cat for boarding. For most medication, there is a charge of $2.00 per day ($4.00 for injections).


We require that all cats be free of fleas and any other parasites while they stay with us. If we discover that your cat has fleas it will be treated with "Advantage" or "Revolution" and the cost will be added to your bill. This is for the comfort and protection of all our guest's. If you have any concern about fleas, or if you think that your cat may have them we recommend that our client's put a flea control such as "Advantage", "Frontline", or "Revolution" on their cats approximately one week before they come to stay with us. You are also welcome to purchase an individual dose at cost when you arrive. Flea powders, sprays or collars are NOT enough to eradicate these pests.

What to Bring

While we provide food and dishes, litter and trays, and very comfortable bedding for your cat. If you wish you are welcome to bring any special food, treats, toys, combs or brushes. Our suites are large enough to accommodate your cats special bed if you like (as long as it's not yours!). Please either put your cats name on these items or make a note of all items brought to ensure they are returned to you. All items brought are the client's responsibility and should be machine washable. We also require that all cats are brought to us are either in carriers or on leashes. Client's are responsible for getting their cats to and from our building. Although it is our responsibility to provide secure facilities once your cat is in our care (we have designed backups for this), cats can only be transported safely when they are contained. Please bring an itinerary with telephone numbers where you can be reached while you are away and the number of an emergency contact family or friend. Don't forget your veterinary certificate of vaccination! Your cat will not be accepted without proof of vaccination!


We go to great lengths to ensure that our facility has the highest level of cleanliness. All surfaces, including floors, suites, litter scoops, food and water bowls are thoroughly disinfected daily. Although our guest's are allowed to roam around freely in the common room several times a day, for safety and hygiene reasons, we do not allow cats that are not from the same family to roam with any other cats. This allows us to maintain the health and happiness of all our guest's. It is our dedication to hygiene, diet and the well-being of our guest's, that brings our client's back time after time.

Tours / Visits

We highly recommend and encourage that you come visit us prior to boarding. Not only do we love to show off our facility, but we also want you to feel comfortable leaving your loved one with us for the very best possible care. If you would like to come see us, please call us at 613-372-5776 and make an appointment for our undivided attention. This will make dropping off your cat much easier as we can answer any questions you may have before you board.
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